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The Story


Since 2015, Yvonne van Zijl and Laura Pijpers have joined forces and started the brand Bull Sisters.

Comfortable and affordable beautiful dresses, suitable to wear in the office, at a dinner or at a party with friends. The perfect dress for any time of the day.

Bull Sisters creates dresses for every woman. No matter what size or stature; for every woman there is a Bull Sisters dress.

Bull Sisters is innovative, powerful and from Dutch design. We invest in craftmanship and that's creating the possibility to make high quality dresses.

We collaborate with highly skilled women and our inspiration comes from all over the world to create our beautiful dresses.

Kennismaken met de Bull Sisters



We are as loyal to our customers, co-sisters, suppliers, workshops and partners as we are to our own norms and values.


We are determined to making the perfect, timeless and fashionable dress made from high quality fabrics and with the perfect fit.


We create dresses with an eye for detail and make a selective choice of fabrics coming from all over Europe. We make our dresses with love and with only one thing in mind: to make a perfect Bull Sisters dress for every shape and size.


Our style can be best described as elegant, timeless, affordable, comfortable, sexy and yet strong and powerful. Our dresses can be worn every day and for many occasions. For every special moment we have the perfect dress!


Bull Sisters dresses are produced in traditional European workshops. The teams are very proud of their craft and the quality produced is unbeatable.


We believe that we have a responsibility to create a more sustainable future. Therefore, we will endeavour to make responsible decisions that can help us to manage and reduce the social and environmental impacts of our business. We strive to work with partners of the same vision and are constantly looking for new ways to improve our relationships, not only with our suppliers but also with their employees.